Our Team works throughout the world supporting clients across many sectors to provide:

  • Asset Management Consultancy Services

  • Training Delivery & Organisational Development

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Asset Management

Good asset management is about enabling organisations to make better, more-informed decisions, extend asset life and save money, mitigate risks and deliver efficient and effective services through their infrastructure.

Training & Development

With extensive international experience across a wide range of clients, our Specialists are sharing their knowledge through training and development opportunities, offering both online and face-to-face courses.

Interim Management

Our specialist consultants are often seconded into organisations to fulfil Interim Management positions in senior roles. If you would like to discuss this option for your organisation, please contact us.

Health & Safety / CSR

Through our role as independent consultants, we undertake critical reviews / health checks for business against their corporate and project objectives, in line with developing business cases at key milestones in the project lifecycle.

We review and assess the detailed scope requirements at the project level against the business case and good industry practice, and summarise, along with recommendations to help address identified issues. We also perform critical assessments for public sector projects and help define the nature and detailed scope of projects to develop strategies for effective risk management and make recommendations for effective performance metrics.