Our programmes are designed and delivered to organisations seeking to upskill their core resources.

Essency's range of Training Courses include:

  • Road Infrastructure Asset Management Overview
  • Strategic Asset Management: Developing Strategies and Plans
  • Using Asset Data to Inform Key Planning Decisions
  • Service Delivery & Performance Contract Management

Training Bespoke for Local Authorities:

Highway Asset Management:

  • Strategic (incl Member Engagement & Communication)
  • Tactical & Technical Planning & Forward Programme Development (incl data collection, analysis, systems)
  • Operational Delivery & Performance Measurement

Streetworks Coordination & Inspection

Procurement & Contract Management

  • Operational Service Delivery Review (pros/cons different models
  • Standardising procurement at local/regional level – eg RAMS Framework, Const / Mtce Frameworks, etc)
  • Dos / Don’ts

Our approach to training

Our learning approach includes e-Learning, blending learning and standard classroom courses. We challenge our candidates to work individually and as a group to achieve shared learning outcomes through various course workshop exercises.


An effective road asset management system comprises the processes, tools, data and policies necessary for the management of all the physical assets for which public authorities have a responsibility with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner.

As a discipline aimed at facilitating decision-making, road asset management is a powerful tool for both national and local road agencies, providing a framework for managing their networks and prioritizing further investments using a long-term life-cycle approach.

Course Objectives

This workshop will cover the principles, concepts, components, techniques and benefits of managing road infrastructure assets.

The contents will be based on international practitioner handbooks as well as the hands-on experience of the course instructors.

The workshop will teach the most relevant best practices as they relate to strategic asset management, tactical & technical asset management planning and operational asset management & service delivery.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand each of the aspects of Strategic, Tactical and - - Operational Asset Management and their related functions
  • Recognize the need to further develop asset management capacity and capability for their organization, and have methods to do so
  • Understand the importance of ’aligning’ asset management practices and approach to achieve organizational objectives
  • Identify and develop appropriate delivery models for asset management and maintenance services that ensure optimum return on investment and excellent service delivery performance
  • Understand how emerging infrastructure concerns, such as weather resilience, impact asset management functions
  • Build and monitor financial plans for asset maintenance and renewal

Course One

Road Infrastructure Asset Management Overview

  • Introduction to Road Asset Management
  • Strategic Asset Management & your Organization
  • Tactical & Technical Asset Management Aspects
  • Implementing Asset Management Systems & Tools Effectively
  • Training Summary and Evaluation

Course Two

Strategic Asset Management: Developing Strategies and Plans

  • Understanding Organisational Context
  • Developing a Strategic Asset Management Framework & Plan
  • Leadership & Commitment
  • Communication
  • Investment Planning & Funding

Course Three

Using Asset Data to Inform Key Planning Decisions

  • Developing Asset Management Plans
  • Asset Data & Information
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Developing Forward Works Programs

Course Four

Service Delivery & Performance Contract Management

  • Procurement Strategy & Service Delivery Models
  • Creating the right Organisation & Culture
  • Outcome / Performance Based Contract Management
  • Works Audit & Compliance