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The Challenge

As part of the wider Partnerprogramma Infrastructures Management (PIM) Project, Highways Agency UK & Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) established key pilot projects across The Netherlands, including an Asset Management Improvement (Corporate RWS) and Contract Development Pilots (Zeeland).


Our Approach

Appointed as sub-consultants to Atkins, Essency Consulting provided strategic asset management and contract management advice to both Pilots over a four (4) year period. Our involvement included provision of services in the following activities:

Strategic asset management guidance related to developing a structured approach to management of highways and waterways assets. Defining asset registers, asset composition, lifecycle planning activities, treatment types and programmes, performance metrics 

  • Determining organisational impacts and requirements to adopt asset management principles acrossat 
  • Assisting the Client (RWS) to define their required organisational structure to enable new contracts to be implemented 
  • Leading workshops with both public and private partners explaining key changes required, capability requirements and alignment to corporate RWS objectives 
  • Development of standard asset management and maintenance processes across RWS Zeeland District to support delivery of new contracts 
  • Facilitation of proposed Regional Collaborative Framework for delivery of major waterway works in RWS Zeeland 
  • Facilitation of UK-Dutch Knowledge Transfer visits


Project Outcomes

  • Procurement Strategy & Procurement Plan for RWS Zeeland – Asset & Maintenance Management 
  • Definition of ‘Pseudo’ Managing Agent Role for use on Rijkswaterstaat Service Provider Contracts 
  • Newly adopted Service Provider Performance Based Contracts in Zeeland (and wider RWS)
  • Asset Management Planning Framework in Haaglanden District 
  • Increase in knowledge and understanding across Rijkswaterstaat of best practice asset and contract management practices

Scott is a reliable and knowledgeable consultant (colleague) and a pleasure to work with. We have worked together with Essency Consulting for five years on the international partner programme for infrastructure management. They bring a broad experience not only on asset management but also on management and change management from the wider strategic view to the details of implementation.

Rob Schoenmaker, Assistent Professor Asset Management at TU Delft