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The Challenge

The local authority market in the United Kingdom is diverse and varied in the way it applies asset management and service delivery models in managing their highway infrastructure. Essency Consulting has been working with several councils to improve the way these services are delivered, and assisting them to develop sustainable organisational capability.


Our Approach

Working either directly or as appointed subconsultants, Essency Consulting has provided advisory and support asset management and contract delivery services to over 15 local authorities throughout the United Kingdom. This support and assistance ranges from in carrying out independent assessments of asset management and contract management practices, through to development and implementation of asset management frameworks, including asset management policies, strategies, plans, lifecycle planning and new and improved performance based contracts. Using the Department for Transport Maintenance Incentive Funding model, we’ve tailored our services to ensure local government clients are well placed to achieve maximum funding. Our involvement included provision of services in the following activities:

  • Strategic asset management guidance related to developing a structured approach to management of highways assets. Adopting national codes of practices and applying within the specific local authority environment.
  • Determining skills and competency requirements and organisational impacts to adopt asset management principles within their teams
  • Facilitating improvement actions and completion of documentation and systems to support local authority clients, including presentation and approval of formal policy and strategy documentation.
  • Mentoring and coaching local authority personnel to adopt strategic asset management practices and performance based contract management activities in their environment
  • Development of standard asset management and maintenance processes across the council to support these improved practices


Project Outcomes

  • A detailed report describing current asset management and contract management practices aligned with national guidance and DfT Incentive Funding Model
  • Asset Management Frameworks, Policies, Strategies, Plans and Lifecycle Plans for various LA clients
  • New and improved Performance Based Maintenance and Professional Services Contracts
  • Increased levels of asset management competencies and skills through effective training and mentoring